First Look At The Ultra-luxurious Overwater Bungalows in Mexico

The first guests have just checked in for their dream vacation at the newly constructed overwater bungalows at the beachfront resort El Dorado Maroma, in Riviera Maya.

“Palafitos” - meaning “stilt houses” in Spanish, is a tropical haven consisting of 30 stand-alone suites. This lavish resort was built with couples in mind and it's for adults only. El Dorado Maroma officially opened the doors September 1, and it's the first & only overwater resort in Latin America as announced by Karisma Hotels.

Here you will find glorious sunshine and the beautiful Caribbean Sea, along with opportunities to indulge in amenities you could only dream of. Watch this 60-second live walkthrough of the resort and get vacation dreams going. Video courtesy of: Vacations in Paradise

Another amazing perspectives of the inside and outside look by Karisma Hotels.

Karisma Palafitos El Dorado Maroma

Palafitos is embraced with the beauty of Maroma Beach waters which surrounds the bungalows. The interior of the suites are brightly decorated with high ceilings.


In addition to the amazing ocean views are private pools, indoor Jacuzzis, ladders extending into the ocean from each unit and outdoor showers.Each suite has glass-bottomed floors, full-sized windows and full-sized decks providing endless ocean views.

Karisma Palafitos El Dorado Maroma

When you're not taking in the spectacular views, you have numerous options to pamper yourself. From the moment you arrive you are treated to round the clock room service, unpacking and packing (but let’s not think about leaving!), pre-dinner drinks and appetizers along with the overwater Ocean Grill & Wine Bar which features an open kitchen with seafood dishes on the menu.

Karisma Palafitos El Dorado Maroma

These are just a few of your options including a Spa.Naay Spa Over the Ocean offers treatments with ingredients of sea moss from the surrounding waters which contain high antioxidants and detoxifying agents. Treatments are applied inside or outside in privacy.

Karisma Palafitos El Dorado Maroma

For those who want to mingle or tire of having their own private pool & deck to lounge at, it’s not far over to El Dorado Maroma which hosts the beach, more pools, restaurants and bars.  There are also various activities available including lessons in dancing, yoga and everything in between. Even cooking.

Karisma Palafitos El Dorado Maroma

How much will this vacation cost you? Rates start at $665 per person, nightly.  A pretty penny but...

I've recently heard someone comparing luxury vacation in the overwater bungalows to African Safari. Meaning that for a truly unforgettable experience it's enough to stay here once. And it's not that you can ever have too much vacation or luxury overwater suits in your life - it's just when you visit for the second time your endorphins don't reach the same level to get your emotions and feelings go over the edge, like it happens the first time.

Karisma Palafitos El Dorado Maroma

So, if you were not motivated enough already, it's a perfect time to get this on your bucket list - go once and have memories for a lifetime and one of your bucket-list-vacations-done. One of which you will never forget. Ever.

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