Two Pirate Island Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

“Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, why have I cast my lot with this scum?” In their heyday, the bloodthirsty thieves of the Caribbean left their mark on many an island in the Caribbean Sea. A few port cities in particular were frequented by these sea dogs, where today, visitors can view the aging remains of a bygone era.

The Pirate Republic of Nassau

See the relics, and learn the history at the Pirates of Nassau Museum.  Tour the old pirate haunts, and if you feel a chilly sensation crawl up your arms, you may have bumped into a swashbuckling ghost!  Gamble like a pirate at one of the many upscale casinos.  Be sure to join us on New Year’s to experience  the colorful festival of Junkaroo, a wildly energetic street parade of brightly-costumed people dancing with cowbells, drums and whistles. Enjoy your stay in the city Elizabeth Swann claimed Jack Sparrow raided without having to fire a single shot, from Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

 The Alluring Piracy of Barbados

Yaar Facts About Pirates!

  • Hiram Beakes was a famous pirate from the island of Saba. He coined the term “dead men tell no tales.”

  • If capture was imminent, pirates often changed out of their fancy clothes in order to appear unimportant and as part of the crew.

  • Gold earrings worn by pirates were thought to improve eyesight.

  • On the island of St. Thomas you can tour Blackbeard’s castle.

  • There were even two famous women pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Reed. Together they sailed with “Calico Jack.”

  • Pirate tribute and ransom was once 10% of the United States annual budget.  In fact, the Navy was founded in order to ward off these pirate attacks.

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