The Most Incredible Island of the Caribbean

The Bahamas, a place where you can admire the beautiful coral bay, dive into crystal waters and can do some pretty uncommon things.

It might sound surprising, but in the Bahamas, on the uninhabited island of Big Mayor Cay, pigs live peacefully in their own  tropical paradise. Are you up for swimming with a herd of feral pigs? :) Read on.

Uncommon Bahamas

Perfectly adapted to the sunny climate, the pigs enjoy life  swimming in the Caribbean and are very welcoming to their visitors.

Where Did The Pigs Come From?

There are many legends on how the pigs got to Big Mayor Cay. Some say they were introduced by sailors, years ago, as a food source; others say they survived a shipwreck and proliferated.

Another, more mundane story, is that  the pigs were domesticated by some farmers on nearby Stanley Cay, until they were relocated to Big Mayor Cay because of the smell. Finally, some people say they were introduced here as a touristic attraction.

Uncommon Bahamas

Whatever the reason, the pigs adapted quite well, and because of the lack of predators, they flourished and are now in their seventh generation. There are approximately  20 of them, and they mostly live on wild vegetables and roots.

As tourists approach Big Mayor Cay, they will plunge into the waves and swim up to the boat, welcoming them and hoping for some food. Their love for food is what makes them love their visitors so much!

Uncommon Bahamas

What to Expect

As you approach the uncontaminated shore of Big Mayor Cay, the hairy pigs start swimming towards you and come right up to the boat! The dominant five are the ones most likely to greet the tourists, and they are Emily, Liza, Gussie, Spot and Big Boy. 

Come get to know them on this unique and fun adventure, just make sure you don’t try to take a piggy home with you!

Uncommon Bahamas

They will be thrilled if you share part of your meal with them, especially watermelon rinds. Throw some scraps in the water, but don’t  try to feed them by hand,as they don't differentiate between fingers and food. After the feeding, be sure to take a dip with  them in the water. They are fairly good swimmers and are very friendly.

They'll be happy to swim alongside you and  will most likely be curious as to whether you’ve got anything else to eat in your pockets. They will try to keep up with you for a good amount of time, but once they are tired, they retreave to the beach and lie in the Sun, and you are more than welcome to join them.

Uncommon Bahamas

How to Get There

Big Mayor Cay is one of the numerous islands belonging to the Exuma archipelago in the Bahamas. It is uninhabited, but it can be reached with one of the boat tours that leave from Great Exuma Island and touch all the surrounding islands; however, Pig Island is definitely one of the main attractions.

Tours usually last the entire day; for more information visit Island Routes or Four C's Adventures.

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This incredible island and its inhabitants are truly one of a kind. What are your thoughts? Are you up for swimming with such a company? Let us know in the comments below.

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