The Only Beach Bar You Want To Chill At - Next Time You're In Grand Turk

Do you have a cruise stop planned in Grand Turk and, as usual, looking for some cool place to hang out by the beach? Or carving for some relaxed beachfront setting with a truly local flavor?

Regardless of the reasons, this Bar & Grill is your best bet.

If you have a few hours in a cruise port and want to see something different without spending a fortune on an excursion.

Just a 10-minute walk to the left from the Cruise Pier and you’ll have Jack’s Shack Beach Bar & Grill - your paradise found.

Let’s see some of the things to expect, along with sure must-dos.

Food and Drinks To Try

At Jack’s Shack there are many ways to loose your mind with delicious cocktails and local drinks. And they are reasonably priced too.

Jack's Shack Patio

Just keep in mind that Grand Turk is importing most of their drinks, so all bar owners are forced to include import duties in the costs. That said, for $35 you can get enough food for and the whole time you are there which is a great experience and not to mention a good deal.

Here are some of the choices to get spoiled with.

Try the Reef Wrecker and ask Jack to tell you the story of how it got its name.

If you are a beer drinker don't miss the local Turks Head Lager beer in light or dark.

Owners’ favorite signature drink - 'Sandy Vaginas', made with vanilla-infused vodka and bits of vanilla bean.

Taste the "Spirit of the Turks and Caicos Islands". Try a shot of a local island rum, Bambarra Reserve, produced on nearby Providenciales Island.

Jack's Shack Patio

Rum tasting is a courtesy from the owner. All you need is print the coupon for free rum from Jack’s Shack website or fill out the form on the same page.

If you opt-in for Beach Bar classics like Rum Punch and margaritas, they are also refreshing and strong.

After a couple of drinks and a few hours in the sun, it’s a perfect time for lunch.

Spicy Conch Fritters is a great choice. Served on top of rice and beans with Jerk chicken and spicy remoulade sauce makes an excellent lunch.

Fried grouper or a classic all beef burger (good for two!) will not disappoint either.

Things To Do

Jack’s Shack, in a nutshell, is a picture perfect corner with the soft white sand, crystal clear blue waters, and a strong sun shining overhead.

An adorable Topher, Jack’s famous beach dog, will do his part in the entertainment.

Jack's Shack Patio

If this picture doesn’t tell you this, he is probably the coolest dog on the planet.

And if you are visiting with kids, there is no other place that could have fun like this.

Here’s the proof.

Jack's Shack Patio

One of my favorite things to do -  just float in the water sipping a cold one.

You can try that too.

I would also put on a mask and go snorkeling, and if you are lucky enough, you could swim with some rays too.

If you are up for active sports, you’ll find all kinds of sports activity along that stretch of beach with good prices.

Many of the snorkel excursions stop at Gibbs Cay. It's a tiny beautiful uninhabited island, famously known for its friendly stingrays. Highly recommended.

And hey, it’s easy to stop at Jack's Shack before & after to make for a perfect day ;)

Insider Tips

Bring on some cash. It’s a general rule for all cruise ports and could be useful here too.

Jack's Shack does accept credit cards, except no Amex.

For special diet conditions, there are plenty of meals that are low carbs and gluten free.

Of course, it’s always best to check with the chef to confirm any doubts you might have.

But all beef burgers and, let alone jerk chicken are both grilled on a BBQ  - and that’s probably all you need anyway.

If you are a seafood lover, you can always ask fish to be grilled instead of fried.

In several instances on the way from the cruise terminal to Jack’s Shack, we’ve heard about several locals, that were closer to the port, tried to convince that they were Jack's Shack.

So beware and don't stop until you reach the REAL Jack’s Shack blue sign.

And so, here you have it - the ultimate Beach Bar in Grand Turk.

Next time you are in Grand Turk on a cruise ship do not miss one of the best beach bars in the Caribbean...where drinks are strong and refreshing, food’s amazing and beach time that can't be beaten.

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