The Most Unusual Pool Party That Is Barkin’ Awesome

When was the last time you were invited to the most unusual pool party? How about being invited with your fur-kid, and have twice as much fun? All that - without a single sign of sand, seaweed and even without driving (sometimes miles!) to the coast.

Well, here's a true story.

The doggy daycare Happy Tails Resort is doing pool parties for their dog clients since 2014.

And we have to warn you: when you see it you'll either shiver in fear or scream with joy (wiggling your butt). Either way, you'll be surprised

Besides the indoor pool (yes, pool parties all year round - woof woof!) they also have a large indoor play area and two outdoor play areas complete with grass, trees and obstacle courses. The entire facility is 12,000 square feet so you can rest assured - your dog is at the happiest daycare you could have chosen.

While they love and welcome four-legged friends of all breeds and all sizes, you should behave!

In fact, their policy reads like this: "one strike you are out!". That's pretty fair, right?

More of that, the staff at Happy Tails Resort is great. They’ll send you pictures to keep you updated. Not sure about you, but a peace of mind is something I would even pay for.

Speaking of rates, they're pretty simple - $25 full day, $15 half day (packages and discounts are also available).

Enough said - it's much better to see this party in action.  

Happy Tails has been described by many as a “Montesorri School for Dogs” which means dogs get to do the things they love the most. So next time, when you take your fur-kid to "not so much fun" groomer - take them to the pool party instead, no worries they'll make your dog look pretty too :-)

Now, what are your thoughts? Do you think your dog can handle such a treat? Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. Happy Tails Resort is located in Norfolk, Virginia. But on the next page, we've put together a list of  16 more pool-pawty daycare centers for pets. See if there is one close to you.

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