Getting Away From Aruba's ‘Touristy Grid’

Experience the untamed natural beauty of Aruba

Sun-soaked and windswept, you will find Aruba’s rugged and wild landscape exhilarating.. the turquoise blue water and powdery white sands are legendary amongst tourists, but you will  find the cacti-dotted desert scenery to be quite a dramatic contrast .

Some great examples of Aruba’s untamed natural beauty are  the “watapana trees” (also known as the divi-divi trees), which gracefully bend away from the shore.

Arikok National Park

About   20 percent of Aruba’s landmass is comprised of Arikok National Park, which is certainly going to give you a different type of vacation experience. Here you can find indigenous flora and fauna, historic cave paintings, natural bridges and pools, craggy geological formations and hidden coves.

Because many local species rely on the park to serve as a habitat, you will find a variety of animals here,  ranging from brightly colored parakeets, burrowing owls, blue whiptail lizards and Aruban cat-eye snakes. There is a small admission fee ($11.00), but it goes towards a good cause, protecting endangered wildlife and funding future preservation projects.

If you are looking for an exhilarating outdoor adventure, you can find it both in and around the park. The famed Natural Pool is nearby, and here you can horseback ride, mountain bike and hike.

The tranquil pool is known as “Cura di Tortuga” or “conchi” among residents, and it is only accessible on foot, horseback or 4x4 vehicle.

The Three Caves

You can also find three caves in the park, the Huliba, the Fontein and the Guadirikiri. All three highlight stalactite and stalagmite formations. In addition, they also serve as a haven for nocturnal bats, but no worries, they are completely harmless. The Huliba is renowned for its ‘Tunnel of Love’ (a distinctive heart-shaped entrance), while the historic cave drawings are what draw people to the Fontein.

 From going off-roading in an ATV, to exploring mysterious caverns by flashlight, Aruba offers a great deal more to experience than just lounging on the beach.

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