Five Top Places to Eat in South Beach

Even though South Beach may be a haven for exorbitant cocktails, haughty service, and sky-high parking fees, there are some amazing foods that you can enjoy here. You might be paying a bit more than you are accustomed to (or even feel comfortable with), but we know that you are going to love these unique places to eat on South Beach.

La Sandwicherie

Ask anyone who has been in Miami for more than a few days, and they will tell you that this is the best sandwich shop in town. The servings are large, the toppings are spectacular, and the dingy backstreet ambiance really makes this feel like a secret that you have discovered on your own (we won’t tell). Learn more.

Pubbelly Sushi

You can find this sushi spot in Sunset Harbour, and it has some amazingly creative recipes. As with La Sandwicherie, you will not have to worry about leaving hungry. There is Southern­fried soft shell crab, buffalo­style rock shrimp tempura, and barbecue pork belly topped with fried clams and rice. Find out more.


The Bazaar

Chef José Andrés owns the Bazaar, and he is known as a powerhouse in the South Beach culinary scene. You should certainly try the dragon fruit ceviche, caprese salad with liquid mozzarella, and churros with peanut butter and honey.. Try the paella­style pasta with aioli and shrimp, a dish known as the rossejat. Even though it is located in a fancy hotel, it is still absolutely worth the time. Learn more about the Bazaar.

Joe's Stone Crab

There is no denying that you are going to see many tourists here or that Joe's Stone Crab is a little expensive, but this place is an institution on South Beach. You should certainly try the Key lime pie, which is undoubtedly the best you are going to find in all of South Beach. Even though most locals claim to dislike Joe's Stone Crab due to its ‘touristy’ nature, there is no denying that it offers some of the best food around. Learn more.

Tap Tap

This might be one of the best restaurants in South Beach, in part because of its Malanga fritters, stewed goat, and Haitian mojitos. Just as the previous entrant we mentioned, it is not ‘just a restaurant’, but it is a piece of South Beach. This is about beans, mixed rice, and okra. But it’s a staple for more than just the food; the atmosphere is going to make you feel right at home. See the menu and other information.

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