Famous and Rich: 4 Riviera Maya Resorts Where Hollywood Celebrities Choose to Stay At

There are good reasons that Mexico’s Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula has become a vacation hotspot. What with the wonderful culture, amazing weather, and spectacular beaches, there is something for everyone to love.

That's why some famous, and we mean REALLY famous, people come to the Riviera Maya. Let’s take a look at where these A-listers like to stay.

Hotel Esencia

Hotel Esencia Riviera Maya

This destination has proved equally attractive for honeymooners and celebrities. Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow (families in tow) are among those have been spotted here. One interesting note is that both of these celebrities book the room where the duchess herself slept. 

See next to discover one weird wish that all celebrities had about this next hotel.

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