The #1 Country to Retire to in 2016

With all ocean-side places there’s one country that really stands above the rest.

Every year thousands of visitors and expats flock there for the warm weather, American (or English speaker) friendly businesses and the general livability of this retirement haven.  With a cost of living which averages $1,500 per month, this small country in Central America checks all the boxes for amenities, healthcare and infrastructure.

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever thought what your retirement lifestyle could look like?

What retirement in this country looks like

Have you ever wanted to find a white-sand island where you can live the happy life of your dreams? If you are were looking for a country which offers the best combination of variety and value, pay close attention.

This country might be the answer which you have been searching for.  Consistently, year after year it continues to top the charts on Yahoo News, reputable travel lifestyle magazines like International Living, and even features prominently on the “places to live” lists of well-known international investment blogs like that of Simon Black the Sovereign Man.  

On that note, if you have any interest in beautiful beaches, hot climate, vibrant expat communities and excellent healthcare.… then you’ll REALLY want to pay attention to this destination.

In the capital of this small country you can find an expanding selection of art and culture.  Take an after dinner stroll through an art gallery or catch a live performance of your favorite opera. Even the fast growing culinary scene has something to offer for even the most discerning palette.  And if the bustling urban scene is too much for your taste, there’s even a solution for that too.

What retirement in this country looks like

Maybe you’d trade ocean view for a verdant rainforest view, or the expat community for friendly locals. But that’s the beauty of it!  In Panama you can have it YOUR way.  Places like Bocas del Toro, Pedasí and Cerró Punto can offer inland hikes and tropical forests, or beach village bliss and coastal relaxation.  The options are limitless and the only way to truly find your fit is to put boots on the ground and start exploring.  It’s no mistake that Panama ranks #1.

That’s right, Panama tends to hold the top rank in  International Living's Annual Global Retirement Index year after year. This index is a combined report, where countries-candidates are compared across 10 different categories such as:

  • Buying & Renting

  • Benefits & Discounts

  • Visas & Residence

  • Cost of Living

  • Fitting In

  • Entertainment & Amenities

  • Healthcare

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • Infrastructure

  • Climate

Not surprisingly Panama hits it out of the ballpark in all of them. With a few dollars saved each week or each month, you are on your way to buying your freedom.

What retirement in this country looks like

So let’s look at what really makes Panama stand out of amongst other countries.  And, by the way, did you know that Panama is already home to over 50,000 US expats?  

Here are just a few of the many benefits you will discover:

  • An incredible variety of landscapes and micro-climates

  • Fresh farmer's fruits and vegetables (all year-round!)

  • Big city culture or small town charm, you will find plenty of variety.

  • Good, clean water which is drinkable from the tap in most areas

  • Readily available American products and goods.

  • A happy positive attitude that is open to outsiders.

  • A strong and growing economy which is open to investment and new ideas!

  • High quality and affordable healthcare that won’t break the bank!

Now, a quick personal, human advice would be: spend some time in your planned retirement spot and actually feel what your life would be like. Pay attention to figures and numbers but don't forget to hear your inner voice.  Only with consideration and attention to both you will be able to make the best decision. 

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