All-Inclusive Overwater Bungalows Are Coming to Mexico

Is your next vacation on a radar? Or I should rather say, is your next overwater bungalow vacation on a radar? And I ask this question not to tease you, but share some (awesome!) news with you.

As you might have heard, there is a huge opening of the First in the Caribbean: All-Inclusive Overwater Bungalows in Jamaica planned for this coming November.

Being all chic and cool, they are definitely a dream place to put on your bucket list.


Unless you are ready to empty your bank account or you win a lottery (what I truly wish for you!!), be ready to spend not less than 20K for a week. Not something on your to-do-list? Not on mine either.

But to a big surprise (and excitement) overwater resort and suites are coming this year to Mexico too. The construction is already in progress (see photo below) and bungalows should be ready for their first guests early September 2016.

El Dorado Overwater Bungalows


Located on Riviera Maya, the most beautiful beach zone in Mexico, with bright turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, El Dorado Maroma by Karisma Hotels & Resorts is sure to be by far one of your most exquisite and unique experiences in Mexico.


Each of the 30 overwater bugalows feature glass bottom floors and private infinity pools. Those are probably the 2 things I’m most excited about. Glass floor and private pool are probably the 2 things you expect to have at any respectful overwater bungalow, aren’t you?

El Dorado Overwater Bungalows

Direct ladder access to the ocean, romantic "Aguas del Amor" outdoor shower, indoor Jacuzzi for two and oversized deck with wooden lounge chairs are excellent additions to the two above.

El Dorado Overwater Bungalows

Special Amenities

World-class luxury experience wouldn’t be complete without an overwater spa and the Gourmet Inclusive® Overwater Ocean Grill & Wine Bar.

Being an incredible esthetician and foodie at the same time, I do appreciate an open kitchen format of the restaurant, with scenic views of the Caribbean Sea. 

El Dorado Overwater Bungalows

If you are looking to treat yourself with something special (of course you do!), you will be astonished by over the ocean Náay Spa. Their treatments are promised to be based on traditional Mayan herbal practices and the richness of the region's marine life, most notably highlighting the benefits of “Maroma's Sea Moss.” Uniquely found only in the Caribbean and rich with mineral salts, Maroma's Sea Moss boasts high antioxidant and detoxifying powers.

El Dorado Overwater Bungalows

If you were wondering about room service/butler service and different activities on site - they are all well thought too. Activities include but are not limited to dancing, yoga and beach volleyball, cooking lessons, kayaking and more. 


Like I mentioned earlier, it’s probably not going to break your bank account, but it’s not super cheap either (with this kind of posh amenities and service, it just couldn’t be).

As announced on the Karisma Hotels & Resorts official website, rates start at $665 per night, which is pretty reasonable for the luxe they offer.

El Dorado Overwater Bungalows

If not in Jamaica, and if not in Bora Bora - your dream vacation in the overwater bungalows are to come true here, in Mexico. The only question is..are you ready to wake up to the oceanfront sunrise?

Pristine beaches, not overrun by tourists... Gorgeous shore-lines to fall in love again... Once forbidden, it now becomes one of the most popular places among Americans.

Click here to see it. Pictures speak louder than words. 

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