7 Untouched Tropical Beaches that Only Locals Know About

Lets take a minute and ask ourselves; is there anything that can take the place of a secluded beach? What could be more peaceful than soaking in its crystal clear waters, while sharing the best moments with your friends and  loved-ones? Imagine the beautiful clouds floating by as  you frolic in the sun’s glorifying waves; you are free. The stress of your busy schedule fades away with every roll of the tide. You are lost in the salty breeze, the relaxing sound of the waves, and the glorious  thought that you are somewhere not easily found on a map.

These 7 untouched tropical beaches can make this dream a reality. Just think, in no time, you could be taking a nap, or sipping some fresh coconut juice in your own private paradise.

1. Holbox Island, Yucatan Peninsula

Holbox beach

Away from all the frenzy of the modern world, Holbox (hol-bosh) is a very difficult place to leave. As one of the best-kept gems of the Caribbean, its exotic beauty is enchanting. This 26-mile-long island is one of the most breathtaking white sand beaches you could ever imagine. If you enjoy  exotic adventures, this is your haven.

 2. Colombier Beach, St. Barth’s

st.barths beach 

For those who love hiking and picnics with their loved-ones, this beach is perfect for you!  This cove of eternal tranquillity is the perfect spot for new memories that can last a lifetime.

 3. Dream Beach, Bali, Indonesia

dream beach Bali

The name says it all...Dream Island will capture your heart with it’s mix of adventure and serenity. Behind a row of palms and thorny shrubs you will find the white sandy bays that will make you never want to leave this peaceful paradise.

 4. Bai Sao, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Bai Sao beach, Vietnam

Wake up in  a place you have only seen in your dreams. Bai Sao is a beach lover’s paradise with alluring shorelines that are kissed by beautiful clear waters. Not to mention, the exciting motorbike ride through the hills that takes you there! It is sure to give you a memorable prelude to your beach adventures.

5. Kalanggaman Island, Leyte, Philippines

Kalanggaman Island Beach

Kalanggaman Island is a secret, untouched beach where you can feast on fresh fish any time of the day and watch the whole Milky Way light up at night. Its majestic underwater gems will take you to a whole new world of fascination and awe. Kayak around its crystal blue water and indulge in the feeling that you own the whole island.

6. Barbuda, Carribean

Barbuda beach

Barbuda is an incomparable destination for honeymooners who are not so into crowded beaches. Its stretches of white sand sprinkled with pink are a true beacon of love.. Celebrate your new lives together on this hidden gem of the Caribbean. 

7. Sibang Cove, Calayan, Babuyan, Philippines

Sibang Cove Beach

If you want to experience the castaway lifestyle, Sibang Cove is the unspoiled beach that your dreamer’s spirit has been longing for. The turquoise water and the limestone cliffs will surely take you to a place that photographs can never truly capture. Unlike other beach destinations in the archipelago, Sibang Cove is truly a treasure.

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7 Untouched Tropical Beaches That Only Locals Know About

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