10 Amazing Beach Destinations That Are Even Better in September

Summer tends to be a hectic season. For some at work, for some on a vacation in one of the touristy spots. And for those of you tired of summer rush, the first month of the fall might become your favorite time of the year.

September is an excellent time for a beach vacation and for any vacation for that matter. Not only are holidays more affordable, but vacation tends to feel more laid back and truly enjoyable. Tavel packages are more affordable from your flight to hotel expenses. Forget about trying to find parking at the main attractions or finding a spot with a great view at a crowded beach. Although the season may be cooling off, there are some truly fascinating places that are keeping warm yet very tolerable weather conditions with warm waters, even these days.

Let us show you some of the most breathtaking ocean views available for you and yours to vacate to in September.

1. La Maddalena Archipelago, Sardinia

Endless beaches to explore are found at the island, La Maddalena, located at the north-eastern end of Sardinia in Italy.  Maddalena is the primary island with as many as 60 smaller islands off it. You can take in the beauty of the many beaches found on the island by enjoying a day cruise with stops along the water for sunning, swimming and dining experiences.

La Maddalena

Both at the main and surrounding islands you will find endless coves and picturesque reserved angles to enjoy every bit of yourself and this beautiful place. The best way to move around is either to rent a bike, scooter and even motorized dinghy boat that will allow you to explore the beaches on your own. 

If you are a true lover of sandy beaches and long coastlines you'll love what we've prepared for you next.

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